The Ultimate Closing Playbook

The Ultimate Closing Playbook

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Closing, Referrals, and Creating a Buying Atmosphere

Take your sales skills to the next level with this Southwestern Consulting course on closing. Taught by some of Southwestern Consulting's top coaches, this course will help you generate more sales by arming you with the tools needed to be a better closer, get more referrals, and create an atmosphere that will make customers want to purchase from you. With over 2 hours of video and 18 interactive modules, you will be growing your business in no time.

This online course includes:

  • Over 2 hours of on-demand videos
  • Interactive courses to reinforce the key takeaways on closing, referrals, and creating a buying admosphere
  • Downloadable resources
  • Access to the course on your computer and the Go.Learn mobile app
  • Certificate of completion

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