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Servant Selling

Servant Selling

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Servant Selling offers a better—more honest—sales approach that will allow you to close more deals and serve your customers’ needs. Will you walk away from a sale if it is not the best thing for your customer? Are you okay with losing a sale?

 As the top producer for an educational sales company, Dave Brown found himself wrestling with these questions during a summer of door-to-door sales. Then, one night, he found clarity: he could be fully honest and transparent and be the best at sales. In fact, being fully honest and transparent would make him the best at sales.In Servant Selling, Dave shares the tested and proven sales techniques he’s mastered over his career. His proven strategy works for every demographic and in every industry—even with people who know nothing about sales. He will: 

·         Prepare you to serve by explaining the key components of servant selling and the foundations necessary to achieve success.

·         Help you understand the service and sales cycle by focusing on the sales skills you need.

·         Show you how to create concrete systems and utilize game-changing time management strategies to scale your success.

Even more importantly, Dave shares the heart and mindset that makes his philosophy so successful: the servant-selling approach. By prioritizing your customer’s needs, personality, preferences, and comfort above your sales goals, you will reach more people and make deeper, longer-lasting connections that will help you grow your business in an authentic and meaningful way.