Painless Prospecting

Painless Prospecting

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Have you ever been afraid to knock on a cold door or make a prospecting phone call? Maybe prospecting is the piece of your selling career that scares you the most. If you answered yes or if any of this relates to you, this audiobook would be a great first step.

A decade of research into what makes the best prospectors in the world tick is the foundation for this product with over 30 immediately-usable techniques that will increase your confidence around prospecting and give you a plan to carry out in your daily prospecting efforts.

Covered in this amazing audiobook, you will master how to: 

  • Effectively Use 3-Dimensional Names
  • Leave Mystery Messages to Get Call-Backs
  • Use Inconsequential Comments to Connect Quickly
  • The 7-tions of Remembering People’s Names
  • Reduce Call Reluctance During Lead Generation
  • Overcome Gatekeepers and Phone Tag

And MUCH More…