42 Days to Prospecting Power

42 Days to Prospecting Power

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Have you ever been afraid to knock on a cold door or make a prospecting phone call?  Maybe prospecting is the piece of your selling career that scares you the most. If you answered yes or if any of this relates to you, this video series is the place to start.

Forty-two straight days of prospecting techniques and mindsets - shared in a fun and entertaining online video series, accessible from Southwestern Consulting's LEARN platform, or with the GO.LEARN mobile app on your Android or Apple devices.

Watch one video per day, or learn at your own pace, the choice is yours, as you watch the forty-two videos, which are organized into six (6) courses.
In this six (6) course series, you will learn the powerful principles of:

  • 3-Second Yes Momentum
  • Getting More Nos
  • Prospecting Power Hours
  • Effective Ice-Melting Lines
  • The Prospecting CODE
  • Abundance versus Scarcity
  • And MUCH More…